DBM is able to handle your installation work, think of


  • Cable-trays
  • Main and sub distributors
  • Finalzing the construction
  • Data installations
  • Heavy power supply


This is just a small collection of which are able to do; we are able to perform almost construction work. If you want us to pick your construction project. Get in touch via the contact form.

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Engineering of Control panels

We can engineer your control panel. We build it in house and perform heavy testing on it before it will be shipped towards you. So you will be sure that the panel is working as designed and is ready for usage.


Water works

The past years we have specialized ourselves in installing and maintaining the electrical components of water works. Think of:


  • Bridges
  • Locks
  • Dams
  • Water pumping stations
  • Control rooms


In this world you need to be multi-disciplinary. You must know the working and interaction of all the compontents which are used in the above named installations. By having years of experience we are proud to say that we “in-control” in the world of water works.

What can we do for you?